Middle east calling card
Middle east calling card
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Middle East &Asia  Calling carding cards

Call Asia and Middle East with prepaid calling cards. Use Asia and Middle East calling cards at rates you have never seen to call Asia and Middle East from any country. We carry all mayor telecommunication providers. Any of our prepaid calling cards to Asia and Middle East will allow you to save at least 90% on your long distance fees to call Asia and Middle East. We list ONLY superb quality cards to call Asia and Middle East!

Call Middle East & Asia Calling Cards

Calling card Afghanistan
Calling card Armenia
Calling card Armenia-Yerevan
Calling card Azerbaijan
Calling card Bahrain
Calling card Bangladesh-Dhaka
Calling card Bangladesh-Chittagong
Calling card Bangladesh
Calling card Cambodia
Calling card China-Shanghai
Calling card China-Beijing
Calling card China
Calling card Cyprus
Calling card Hong Kong
Calling card India-New Delhi
Calling card India-Bombay
Calling card India-Ahmedabad
Calling card India-Madras
Calling card India-Bangalore
Calling card India
Calling card Indonesia-Jakarta
Calling card Indonesia
Calling card Iran-Teheran
Calling card Iran
Calling card Iraq
Calling card Israel
Calling card Israel-Jerusalem
Calling card Israel-Tel Aviv
Calling card Japan-Tokyo
Calling card Japan
Calling card Jordan-Amman
Calling card Jordan
Calling card Kazakhstan Alma-Aty
Calling card Kazakhstan
Calling card Korea (North)
Calling card Korea (South)-Seoul
Calling card Kuwait
Calling card Kyrgyzstan
Calling card Laos
Calling card Lebanon
Calling card Macao
Calling card Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur
Calling card Maldives
Calling card Mongolia
Calling card Myanmar (Birmania)
Calling card Nepal
Calling card Nepal-Kathmandu
Calling card Oman
Calling card Pakistan-Lahore
Calling card Pakistan-Karachi
Calling card Pakistan-Islamabad
Calling card Pakistan
Calling card Philippines
Calling card Philippines-Manila
Calling card Qatar
Calling card Saudi Arabia-Dharan
Calling card Saudi Arabia-Jeddah
Calling card Saudi Arabia-Riyadh
Calling card Saudi Arabia
Calling card Singapore
Calling card Sri Lanka
Calling card Syria
Calling card Tajikistan
Calling card Thailand-Bangkok
Calling card Thailand
Calling card Turkey
Calling card Turkey-Istanbul
Calling card Turkmenistan
Calling card United Arab Emirates
Calling card Uzbekistan
Calling card Vietnam
Calling card Yemen


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